Jan 30

Our 1st Anniversary Party with Rocky, Nish and Nimish!

First of all I want to say WOW! I could not have imagined a better way to celebrate our First Anniversary at R&R than the way it was Friday night. That was simply incredible. Thank you to everyone who came out. Rocky, Nish, and Nimish were awesome that night. Our reps, Heath Hill and Rachael Hedman as always did an amazing job. The employees, Kennith, Matt, and Jacob were going crazy trying to keep the shop clean, and run the register. My mom and dad Randy and Debbie, all the cleanup work they did around the shop to make it shine for the event. Most importantly to all of the customers and friends who came out and helped us celebrate! We could not have had the awesome event we did without each and every one of you who came out! We are truly blessed with amazing customers like you guys who have supported us through our first year! So again I want to say thank you to all of you! Mary’s Cakes in Northport did the cake, it was INCREDIBLE! If you couldn’t make it check out our Facebook pageĀ ! Thank you again!

-Reagan Starner

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