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Rocky Patel Private Cellar Review by Matt Broyles

Rocky Patel Private Cellar

by Matt Broyles

            To start off with, I love Rocky Patel. When I first started smoking cigars, it was the Rocky 2003 Cameroon that got me hooked. Many, many, many cigars later, I still love Rocky. I first smoked the private cellar after the IPCPR event, and I was blown away. In cigars, I often look for a good deal of spice and rich, dark flavors, and the private cellar delivers one hundred percent. If dark and intense flavors are up your alley, be sure to give the private cellar a try.



Nicaraguan filler

Nicaraguan binder

Connecticut broadleaf wrapper


Size smoked: Torpedo


Strength: medium to full

Body: full

Flavor: full

Number of cigars smoked for review: 1


Construction and appearance:

To start off with, this is a very well-constructed cigar. The wrapper is slightly toothy, but not rough. There are few visible veins, and the seams are even and tight. The wrapper is surprisinglydark. The band is a rich, royal purple and silver that is striking in comparison with the color of the wrapper, giving this cigar an individual look.


Flavors and notes:

For my pre-light draw, I found prevalent notes of dry wine and grapes, with a touch of pepper immediately present. Upon first draw after lighting, the flavor consists of spice, leather, and a hint of dark chocolate. This cigar is immediately a flavor bomb, producing very rich smoke in great quantities. The burn throughout the first third is razor sharp and even, it does not canoe and no touch-ups are needed. As one progresses through the first third, notes of dark chocolate become more prevalent, which blend well with the flavors of coffee and wood that emerge. The spice remains throughout.

In the second third, the spice is still prevalent, and the rich, oily smoke coats the tongue well. The finish of the draw is vaguely sweet now, owing to the flavor of dark chocolate and coffee. Some slightly bitter notes emerge within the coffee flavor, but they are not unpleasant. The burn is still consistent and even, no corrections are necessary. As one smokes through the second third, the flavor of tobacco starts to come out more and more, which is quite nice with the spice and wood. The flavors of chocolate and coffee are diminished. This cigar is still a flavor bomb, and has been since the first draw.


As one moves into the final third, the cigar gradually moves away from spice flavors into a mellow sweetness. The rich tobacco flavor is diminished, and is replaced by the original dry wine flavor. Again, the burn is razor sharp and no deviations in the wrapper are present.

Final thoughts:

In review, I love this cigar. You would be hard pressed to find a more flavorful cigar that is below $10. Rocky knocked it out of the park with this one, and I am looking forward to my next chance to smoke the Private Cellar. The Torpedo is a long smoking size, with a total burn time of one hour and fifteen minutes, which is an impressive time for a torpedo. To summarize, if you’re looking for a dark, rich stick with lots of flavor and chocolate, look no further. Pick up a Private Cellar today at R&R cigars for $8.50 today!


Rating: 91. I greatly enjoyed this cigar, but I personally found the notes of spice to be overpowering for brief intervals, but they were not significant enough to sully my feelings on this great cigar by Rocky Patel.

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