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R&R Cigars Top 25 of 2012

Let me first start by saying ROLL DAMN TIDE! #15 is officially in the books! What an awesome season! Fifteen is a lot of championships and I’m not going to list them all. What I am going to list is the R&R Cigars Top 25. Now this list is based on sales of the cigar, my personal tastes, and the feeback you’ve given me over the course of the year. So some of you might disagree, and that’s cool. All palates are different if you think something should have been higher let me know on twitter- @RandRcigars or stop by and say it.Oh yeah this is a really twitter themed top 25 so you can follow these people and let them know how much you like their cigars! Anyways now that the awkward Reagan’s personal preferences is out of the way, if you hadn’t figured out from the picture of my buddy Sean Williams from @PrimerMundo that he obviously did well in the top 25. So without further ado the Top 25:

#1- That’s right you guessed it the @PrimerMundo Clase Reserva- Honestly this was the best smoke Ive had all year. I smoked this after Cuban Bolivar and was stunned how good it was with that amazing Cuban taste on my palate. So many of you guys have RAVED about this cigar, and it was the hands down #1 cigar this year

#2- @RockyPatelCigar Fifty Torpedo- Let’s see you guys voted this #2 with your pocket books, it was the #1 selling cigar of the year at R&R Cigars. Amazing smoke thats smooth and rich. I just love it. The price tag is steep but you HAVE to try it. The Rocky Patel Event in January will be the LAST Chance to get some!

#3- @LaPalinaCigars Kill Bill- Honestly 1-3 could have gone either way, I was so amazed at how good this cigar was especially in a Petite Corona size. It’s full bodied and full of flavor! I dare you to find me a cigar w/ more flavor under $10 or any cigar for that matter!

#4 Fuente Opus X- Ok I know I know…this is such a cliche pick but I mean come on, when you think of Premium cigars the first cigar to come to mind is…you guessed it OPUS X!

#5 @PadronCigar 85 Natural- I came pretty close to Cigar Aficionado’s rating of #4. This is a special Cigar for me I always celebrate special occasions with Padron.

#6  @primermundo Liga Miami...you knew it was coming right? The most cuban flavor I’ve ever had in a non cuban cigar. I mean and it’s less than $10 #NoBrainer

#@RockyPatelCigar Decade Lancero…Decade is one of my all time faves and it ends up at 7 bc 1-6 are so special this year. The lancero is even more incredible. I love it

#8  Fuente 858 Sun grown...comes out at Christmas which is one of the many reasons why this season is AWESOME! Best sun grown cigar out there…no lie

#9 @Ashtoncigar La aroma de cuba mi amor reserve…wow…Power house smoke amazing flavor obviously a top 10

#10 @clecigars asylum 770… OK its a BIG ring guage but for $7.7 you can’tbeat the flavor or price #bangforyourbuck I don’t even like 60 ring guage cigars, let alone a 70 ring guage, but Christian got it right with this one. Try it, you’ll like it, and if you don’t…well $7.70 well spent!

#11 @primermundo Hermandad...Herman’s dad must have been an amazing guy right? I mean seriously, this cigar is the #1 selling cigar of 2012. We sold out every box at this national launch party. Ok  I can’t say enough good things about this cigar…its amazing if you havent had it you need it!

#12 @LFDcigars Churchill Especiales Natural…my first and favorite la flor pigtail and amazing Dominican flavor!

#13 @alecbradley Tempus imperator delicious torpedo from Alan Rubin! 95 rated too…and less than $10 you should smoke it

#14 @kristoff_cigars maduro lancero…one of the best lanceros ive ever had so rich and smooth!

#15 Altadis- Montecristo Epic #2- This cigar is great! It’s a rich Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and the band is crimson and white…how can you not like it?! Tell @smokin_llanezas how much you like it! (Seriously, he needs to hear it)

#16 @LaPalinaCigars Maduro…so delicious one of my favorite maduros and im not really a maduro guy. La Palina is the next big brand guys, I’m telling you!

#17 @drewestatecigar Undercrown belicoso…tell me this cigar isn’t awesome?! At less than $9 can you really beat it?

#18 @illusionecigars Ultra Nicaraguan puro that is simply incredible and smooth! Did you know that the MK-Ultra project this cigar is named for was about creating zombies?! #Creepy

#19 @PerdomoCigars 20th Anniversary SG Torpedo
- The best Perdomo I’ve ever had, truly worthy of the anniversary name it has!

#20 @primermundo Blue Label torpedo…the most flavorful Connecticut cigars out there. Ok that’s 4 for Sean in the top 20. This is the best selling mild cigar at R&R Cigars. It’s incredible, you’ll be shocked!

#21Fuente Cuban Belicoso one of the best sun grown wrappers out there!
#22 Esteban Carreras 10 años torpedo- This cigar flies under the radar but for $10 it’s outstanding!
#23 @RockyPatelCigar Nording 50- Ok this cigar honors Erik Nording’s FIFTY years in the industry! It’s a cigar worthy of his honor! I mean it’s so good, smooth, and a nice rich spice! Try it!
#24- @Rockypatelcigar Private Cellar- another broadleaf maduro cigar that I think is just fabulous. Nice rich leathery notes and tons of flavor!

#25 last but certainly not least the Oliva V Double Robusto a classic cigar for just about every one I know. MSRP $7.25 I dare you to find a cigar less than $7.5 with more flavor!

And that my friends is the top 25. I hope you enjoy these cigars! If you havent’t tried them come and try one! If you want to get the top 25 you can get all 25 for $250 the MSRP is $320 for all 25. If you buy all 25 you get an R&R Humidor, Hat, and Shirt! So stop by and pick up the top 25 sampler!


From all of us here at R&R thanks so much for your support, and we hope you guys had a WONDERFUL Christmas season.




Reagan Starner
Owner R&R Cigars

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